Mr & Mrs Richardson

After suffering from chronic back pain for the last 8 years, a visit to Mr Kasis left me feeling that he understood the pain I was in from having a prolapsed disc, and how ultimately I was left feeling I had no quality of life at the age of 43! Mr Kasis offered  to perform an anterior lumbar interbody fusion and performed the surgery in December 2014.

I returned to full time work in April 2015 and have been relatively pain free following my recovery period. Furthermore Mr Kasis has offered reassurance following any concerns I had post surgery. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I only wish I had been referred to him at an earlier point rather being in pain for so long.

Having the surgery has provided me with the opportunity to enjoy my children and feel like I can truly live my life again. I would highly recommend both Mr Kasis and the surgery to anyone considering it.