Christopher Pattison

Christopher Pattison

Having suffered from back and leg pain for over ten years, which affected my every day life, including taking part in triathlons, family life and work, I was referred to Mr Kasis, who I found to instantly fill me with confidence that there was a potential cure to my problem.

After taking very strong painkillers daily, having nerve root block injections and attending physiotherapy I was offered a discogram which showed I was suffering from a degenerated disc in L5 and S1.

With my back pain seemingly getting worse by the day, including back spasms that could last for weeks and losing more and more time at work, Mr Kasis gave me the option of anterior lumbar fusion. He was very confident in his ability to cure my problem and enable me to function as I did prior to the pain commencing. This confidence really helped with my decision to go ahead with the operation.

Mr Kasis was so thorough in his explanation of the process and recovery involved. Having been very active in the past I was concerned that the fusion would leave me limited in what I could do. Mr Kasis assured me this would not be the case and I should get back to doing everything that I had done in the past.

On the morning of the operation I was greeted by Mr Kasis to take me through exactly what the process was and he was in to check on me afterwards. The care I received throughout the process has excellent and Mr Kasis explained what my limitations would be over the next few months.

In the months after the op I had regular check ups and I always felt I could contact Mr Kasis with any questions or concerns.

I followed all instructions given to me after the op as I was keen to get back to being as active as possible. Within three months I was swimming, six months I was riding my bike and within a year I was running again. I competed in a local triathlon sprint and finished in fourth place.

Within 14 months I set myself the challenge of completing Hellvellyn Triathlon, said to be one of the ten most difficult races in the world. I completed this race with no ill effect. I knew then that I could really say the operation had been a complete success. I was back to where I was before my back pain started.

Had it not been for Mr Kasis I really don’t think I would have been pain free, let lone be able to do all the things I enjoyed doing. I really can’t thank Mr Kasis enough for his care.