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Tracy Stokoe

Tracy Stokoe After suffering with severe back and leg pain for 10 years and seeing a number of specialists I was eventually referred to Mr

Lynn Bennett

Lynn Bennett Having suffered from lower back pain for a number of years I was referred to meet Mr Kasis.  I was very active –

Dawn Ross

Dawn Ross Mr Kasis has given me my life back. After being referred privately, Mr Kasis said he was confident he could help me. (I

Hayley Forsyth

Hayley Forsyth Mr Kasis performed anterior lumbar surgery on me in September 2017. From the very start Mr Kasis took me through everything and put

Frank Armstrong

Frank Armstrong (Aged 84) Having lower back pains and frequent dead leg sensation in my right leg,and having a spinal injection which cured the problem

Veronica Evans

Veronica Evans I met Mr. Kasis in clinic in Jan.2016. I had a scan showing a disc prolapse causing bilatereral L4 and L5. Mr Kasis

Frances O’Donnell

Frances O’Donnell After many years of back pain and severe pain in my right hip and down my right leg to my toes, I was

Eddie Rutherford

Eddie Rutherford Prior to the fusion surgery carried out by Dr Kasis, I had severe pain in my lower back, which was causing pain to

Amanda Cruz

Amanda Cruz I felt compelled to share my story regarding the severe back pain I have endured over many years robbing me of my mental

Greg Rowley

Greg Rowley I had been struggling with back pain for around 6-7 years where I was in constant pain, from the 1st time of meeting