Katey Bowe

Katey Bowe

I suffered with intermittent sciatica and leg pain for a number of years but in 2013 the symptoms significantly increased and by September 2013 I had debilitating pain and altered sensation in my right foot. I was unable to work and was struggling with most aspects of everyday life as even walking was agony. Mr Kasis agreed to a Microdiscectomy at L5/S1 level. Although this significantly improved my symptoms and I was able to return to work, I was unable to enjoy many of my previous activities and family life was limited.

Symptoms then began to increase again. This may sound dramatic but on my 32nd birthday Mr Kasis offered me the Anterior Lumbar Fusion surgery and it was the best birthday present ever. I had the surgery in Jan 2014 and have never looked back. There was minimal pain post operatively and I was able to increase my mobility etc (within the initial restrictions) very quickly.

Unexpectedly I now have normal sensation in my foot and no pain unless I’ve been particularly busy or exercising a lot. Even then pain is minimal and self limiting. I lead a very active life and regularly walk 7-8miles up on the fells. Last week I even managed to run most of 3 miles at the first time of trying with only a niggle of discomfort.

If Mr Kasis is recommending this surgery take the opportunity for a normal life. I cannot thank him enough for his care and attention. My kids think he is amazing because they got their mammy back.