Susan Ibbetson

“I had suffered chronic back and nerve pain (sciatica) for many years, it affected every aspect of my life dramatically. My decreased quality of life deteriorated, I needed assistance with all aspects of daily living (e.g. bathing,dressing). I had long periods of time off work, the predictability for my future at that time was worrying. Having tried many medications,physiotherapy sessions,pain management and injection therapies none of which helped the pain, I made the difficult decision to seek a surgical solution. 

I was referred to Mr Kasis (Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon) in 2012. I consented to ‘Anterior Lumbar Surgery’ which Mr Kasis performed in Aug 2012. I have to admit it was a ‘life changing’ operation. No more back, leg or nerve pain. All aspects of my daily living improved greatly. I have my life back, thanks to Mr Kasis.

I would strongly suggest to anyone who can relate to my story to go ahead with the ‘Anterior Lumbar Surgery’. I haven’t look back since.”