Veronica Evans

I met Mr. Kasis in clinic in Jan.2016. I had a scan showing a disc prolapse causing bilatereral L4 and L5. Mr Kasis suggested a L5 nerve root block steroid injection. This was successful for 6 months but pain came back and I had 2 more but third one only lasted 4 weeks.

In 2017 Mr Kasis suggested a back operation to relieve pain in my back and leg which had become very painful. Mr Kasis explained operaton of taking a small bone out of L5 to relieve the pressure. He gave me a list of what perhaps could happen but I had every confidence in Mr Kasis as had 3 steroid injections by then and knew how competent he is.

I had the operation in February 2018 which has been a great success no pain and have my mobility back. The treatment I have had over the last few years by Mr. Kasis and team has been second to none. Thank you.