Laura Rusby

Before my ALIF surgery I was in a huge amount of pain despite the numerous medications I was prescribed, I struggled to sleep and getting out of bed was incredibly difficult. Being a stay at home Mum carrying out simple everyday tasks such as helping my son into his car seat or lifting him up for a cuddle would bring me to tears so much was the agony I felt in my back and hips. Just bending to wash my face and brush my teeth over the sink was a daily challenge let alone trying to walk a short distance.

From day 1 post surgery I have never felt pain in my back again, I was out walking 7 days later and now 9 months on I still have never experienced a single pain in my back or hips. My quality of life has been changed dramatically and I can’t quite believe I’m fixed!

I am extremely pleased with how my surgery went and my treatment by Mr Kasis and his team, I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done and for giving me my life back. I could not have hoped or wished for a better recovery and outcome. Truly a wonderful surgeon and great man.