Emma Oliver

As a 46 year old primary teacher with elderly parents and teenage children I was finding daily life an increasing struggle. The severe pain was debilitating and everyday tasks were becoming impossible. I had limited use of my arms and struggled with daily tasks. I needed support with dressing and simple things like turning taps on and off, and pouring water from a kettle were a challenge.

With support from staff at work, I continued as long as possible but eventually had to admit defeat and sign off sick. Surgery was the easy part and the severe pain disappeared pretty quickly, however, recovery didn’t happen overnight. It has taken regular physiotherapy along with other remedial therapies to retrain muscles in my neck and shoulders how to relax and function correctly.

Six months post surgery and I have just returned from a 3 day activity residential with 31 Year 4 pupils. Amongst other activities I confidently participated in caving, archery, climbing and canoeing, totally pain free! I can’t thank Mr Jensen and his team enough as 6 months ago I couldn’t turn over in bed or control a shopping trolley! I thought that was going to be me for life… what a comeback!