Hayley Forsyth

Hayley Forsyth

Mr Kasis performed anterior lumbar surgery on me in September 2017.

From the very start Mr Kasis took me through everything and put me at ease immediately. Prior to surgery I was in extreme pain and on several painkillers and I was so limited to what I could do at work and especially in my private life. I felt that for a young woman I was missing out on so much with family and my partner. I wasn’t sleeping and in pain I could not even get 4 hours sleep through the night.

The day of surgery Mr Kasis and his team could not have done anymore to look after me I felt like I was in private care.

The surgery went well and after a brief stay on ward 10 in Wansbeck (4 days including the day of surgery) the staff and nurses and physio team were outstanding, I was home and getting a much better sleep immediately.

I was off in total from work including the week of my surgery for 8 weeks. I returned to work full time.

I no longer take any pain relief and I have my life back I can concentrate at work and also go home and have my home life back walking my dogs and going to football with my Son.

I cannot thank and praise Mr Kasis and his team enough for their outstanding care. Thank you so much for your skill and care you have changed my life for the best