Frank Armstrong

Frank Armstrong (Aged 84)

Having lower back pains and frequent dead leg sensation in my right leg,and having a spinal injection which cured the problem but lasted only six weeks I was advised by Mr Kasis after thorough consultation that my best option was to have surgery on my lower spine.

The operation was set for late September, and after being consulted and advised as to the procedure by Mr.Kasis I was admitted and the operation completed with little fuss and with professional expertise.

I experienced very little pain during the whole procedure or following the operation and was very happy at the aftercare given to me by all members of staff. After one nights stay I was allowed home next afternoon.

It is now six months since the operation and I have not had a single sign of pain or discomfort, and after gradual lighter physical duties I am now back to full daily tasks including digging at my allotment. I can recommend this procedure to anyone advised by Mr.Kasis who has always been open about all things associated with back pains.