Eddie Rutherford

Eddie Rutherford

Prior to the fusion surgery carried out by Dr Kasis, I had severe pain in my lower back, which was causing pain to my left calf and foot. Which by the end of the day would result in struggling to walk, and the tightening of the muscles feeling like cramp, this pain was unbearable.

A spinal block was tried but unfortunately did not work. I chose to have the Fusion Surgery and by the time the surgery came around I was using weight bearing crutches by the end of each day. The numbness in my foot got so severe my big toe when squeezed had no feeling.

After the surgery the pain to my leg and foot was immediately better and over the coming weeks after recovering from the surgery pain I was amazed at the result. At six months I have no pain in my back, I do sometimes have pins and needles in the calf and foot but this is bearable.

I can honestly say I am delighted with the results and my experience of Dr Kasis and his team I hold in the highest regards, and I wish to thank all of them for their work.