Amanda Cruz

Amanda Cruz

I felt compelled to share my story regarding the severe back pain I have endured over many years robbing me of my mental and physical health.

Pain so crippling it rendered me unable to do the simple everyday things we all take for granted like being able to get dressed, showering and putting on a pair of shoes. Being a parent to two young boys and unable to spend quality time with them, relying on other family members to do the things I wanted to do was soul destroying. After months of extreme pain giving into strong pain killers making me feel like a zombie but I was lost in this ever revolving situation of poor mobility, serve pain and feeling utterly useless as a mother, wife and human being!

Mr Kasis I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You showed patience and understanding to me when a was at my lowest ebb. Words are not enough to explain my life post ALIF surgery, I live a life pain free. My children have their mother back, new and improved actually. I have returned to full time employment. I go to parties and dance! What I am most proud of is doing “Couch 2 5k” and now being a regular participant of the local park run.

Dr Kasis you are a fantastic surgeon, thank you so much for bringing back to life!