Paul Hedley

Paul Hedley

Approximately ten years ago I started to get lower back pain due to wear and tear with working as a bricklayer, I started taking paracetamol and ibuprofin tablets which helped a little bit to ease the pain but eventually they were not having any affect at all.

I was referred to Ashington Hospital where I received my first spinal nerve block injection the pain relief lasted for a couple of years then I needed another one. The affect was was becoming less and less successful.

Three years ago I jerked my back whilst at work and had to go on sick leave, my GP prescribed codeine tablets but this had little effect and I was prescribed tremadol, which made me hallucinate. It was then I decided to try a chiropractitioner. At first I thought it was making a difference until one day he attempted to click my back into position and it brought on more pain. The pain became so excruciating I eventually was admitted to ward 7 at Wansbeck Hospital where I was given iv morphine.

I met Mr Jensen for the first time and he did another nerve root block in slightly different place. The pain continued to worsen, so I was put on morphine and diazepam, amongst other drugs. Eventually I was almost bed ridden and in constant excruciating pain, unable to leave my bed.

I then had a spinal fusion preformed by Mr Jensen on my L4 and L5 discs. I knew from the next day the pain was improved dramatically. I eventually could walk again on crutches and sent home.

After three months of rehab and physio I was back at work. 2 years later I am a new man with no pain and forever great full to Mr Jensen and his team.