Mark Chirnside

Mark Chirnside

I had been having pain from my back for a number of years, but the last two years the pain had increased to an unbearable degree. The pain was not just in my back, I was also suffering pain down my left leg presenting as a cramp type pain in my left calf. This was a permanent pain and often at times was so severe that normal daily tasks were impossible to complete.

I underwent surgery on my back by Mr Jensen and his team.

Since this procedure, the change has been dramatic. I rarely have any pain in my calf only slight ache if I have done too much. However every day sees this improve. I am back to normal living and have been able to return to my hobbies that were too painful to do before my surgery.

I would like to add a great deal of thanks to Mr Jensen and all his team. You have improved my standard of life beyond any of my expectations.