Laura Turner

Laura Turner

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Mr Kasis. He is both a world class surgeon and a world class human being who has given me my life back; a life in which for 14yrs I suffered debilitating back, leg and nerve pain.

After many years of trying different treatment methods, all of which failed, surgery was the only option left.

Both preparing for and undergoing surgery (Anterior Lumbar Surgery) was a terrifying experience, however every step of the way I was filled with confidence from Mr Kasis that surgery was going to be the fix. How right he was!!

Nearly 18 months later, I will never look back. Surgery has changed my life. I have full independence and can do what I want when I want without an iota of pain.

I can honestly say that making the decision to have surgery is the best I have ever made. Without it, I can’t ever imagine the road I would be on now.