Frederick Johnston

Frederick Johnston

For many years I was suffering from severe headaches and extreme pain to my shoulders and back. Whilst working in The Kingdom of Bahrain, I was referred to two local hospitals for surgery to my left shoulder. Even after the second surgery on my left shoulder the pain still continued.

As I was working for the local shipyard in Bahrain, I had to persevere with the pain as part of the stringent medical. It was only when I came back to the UK, after my department in the shipyard closed, that I was able to go to my GP who then referred me to Mr Jensen.

Mr Jenson referred me to Newcastle Hospital for open MRI as I am claustrophobic, and then referred back to Mr Jensen for consultation. After examining the MRI results, Mr Jensen found that I had a disc crushing my spinal cord.  Mr Jensen then had me admitted into the hospital within three days of our meeting as well as being operated on on the third day and then discharged on the fourth day.

From the day that I met Mr Jensen and his team, I cannot praise them enough.  The hospital staff were excellent and made me feel very comfortable.  

I cannot thank Mr Jensen and his team enough for their help and support.