Monica Ronan

Monica Ronan

I had my first experience of back pain at the age of 19. In my early 50s x-rays showed arthritis of hips and back, to be managed by painkillers and physio. Eventually at 60 I required a right hip replacement and at 65 a left hip replacement. Back problems still persisted, scans and painkillers continued until nothing helped. I experienced excruciating pain trying to get out of bed, pain like electric shock down the front of my leg, no painkillers could stop that. I had many frustrating visits to GP, nothing even showed on scans other than arthritis.

I was eventually referred to Mr Jensen – he listened to me.

I had never had a standing x-ray and that immediately showed two vertebra in the spine were out of line pressing on the nerve.  Six months later I had a decompression and fusion of the spine.  I couldn’t wait to have the operation, the pain was so bad.  I was told my recovery time would be six to twelve months.  The operation was a success, the pain in my leg had gone.  I do still get some back ache and will take paracetamol to manage this but at the age of 69 I think that is fairly normal.

Thank you Mr Jensen – I don’t think I can thank you enough.