Julie Appleby

Julie Appleby

43 years old, in constant back pain and unable to do everyday tasks. The crippling effects of lower back were very real and made all aspects of my life a misery, I was inactive, gained a lot of weight, I was unable to do my job properly and was taking a massive amount of painkillers.

Following investigations, I was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc and after due consideration and discussions with my consultant, I lost 2 stone in weight and decided to go ahead with spinal surgery.

It has been just over a year since my surgery and the result has turned my life around. The pain has gone completely with not a painkiller in sight and I feel like a new woman, having now lost 4 1/2 stones. It is all thanks to the spinal team and everyone who was involved in my care, from start to finish, at Northumbria Healthcare Trust, with a heartfelt thank-you to Mr Kasis, who has given me my life back.

My advice to anyone who is unsure about having the surgery is to “go for it” – it truly is life changing.