Kevin Auld

Kevin Auld

The care I received from the beginning of diagnosis to the actual operation and recovery was of the highest quality. I was kept informed at each stage by Mr Kasis of the process and the risks involved.  

The pain I was experiencing was very severe and it impacted on my ability to carry out my basic activities of daily living, unable to tie my shoelaces etc. The relief of sciatic nerve pain after the operation was instant. The period of rehabilitation after the operation was relatively quick and I was able to return to work on light duties within three months of the operation.

The level of competence of all staff was very high and commendable. Also the level of engagement from Mr Kasis was exemplary; he was the only consultant to review and keep updated with his patients on the ward after the operation. It was noted by other patients that their consultant had not visited them prior to them being discharged.

Three years on from my operation I have a normal working life with a good range of motion in my spine. I have some discomfort after strenuous activity but this is quickly relieved with some rest.

If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me as I am very grateful to Mr Kasis for enabling me to live a “normal” life.