Tracy Stokoe

Tracy Stokoe

After suffering with severe back and leg pain for 10 years and seeing a number of specialists I was eventually referred to Mr Kasis and was over the moon to find that he could help me.

I had my ALIF surgery on June 19th 2018 and I won’t lie I was terrified but Mr Kasis went through everything he would be doing during the op which put my mind at ease a bit. The first thing I noticed when a I woke up after surgery was that I had no leg pain which I normally had all the time. The first couple of days you’re covered in tubes and wires for pain, catheter and pumps on your legs etc, but the physios have you up and moving a bit as soon as they can. I went home after 4 days and it was really difficult getting around but you just have to patient. It took me a good year to recover but Mr Kasis did explain because of the kind of surgery I’d had and I was now 8mm taller that it can longer for the facet joints to settle which is what happened in my case.

Because I hadn’t been able to exercise for more that 10 years I joined a running group last July time not expecting to be able to do it but by September I had managed to run my first 5k, which I would never have been able to do before I had surgery.

I am over the moon with my back now, yes I still get the odd ache and it’s gone into spasm a few times but I know to rest and it’s fine again in a few days. Compared to what it was like before there’s been a massive improvement.

Mr Kasis has given me my life back and I will be forever grateful for that plus he is a lovely man and is great with his patients. So if you’re worried about having surgery like I was I would just say go for it your in good hands. The pain is worth it all to be where I am today.