Sharon Hunter

Sharon Hunter

“After 25 years of nursing I suffered terribly with back pain off and on. Initially the episodes were acute and would only last a few days but in the latter years the pain became more chronic and I would feel totally debilitated and depressed as it was having a massive effect on my quality of life as I was a very active person who enjoyed walking miles and cycling miles each week and I was no longer able to do the things I enjoyed. Initially in the acute phase I would treat myself with anti inflammatories,  pain killers and rest which did help initially but as the episodes of back pain and sciatica became more and more frequent and the level of pain intensified and even  after intensive physiotherapy  my symptoms were not resolving and the medications I was taking were no longer giving me any relief therefore I was unable to lead an active life , was unable to sleep due to pain and on some days I would not be able to go out of the house for fear of my back going into spasm  which had a  massive impact on me psychologically. I was also having to take time of work so it was affecting my job too .

I was referred for an MRI scan and a consultation with Mr Kasis. My scan showed I had a bulging disc at L4/L5 and initially a nerve block was arranged which can be very successful with some patients in alleviating pain but unfortunately this did not work for me therefore following discussion with Mr Kasis it was felt ALIF surgery would be beneficial for my condition .

I had my surgery almost three years ago and I have to say it has completely changed my life so much in a positive way. I followed all of the post surgery instructions strictly and recovered really well. I now feel I have my life back as I am able to enjoy my life with my husband and two young children and enjoy holidays again as I missed out on holidays due to the chronic nature of the pain  I no longer rely on pain killers to help me get through the day as I have had no back pain at all since. I now lead an absolutely normal active lifestyle and I am enjoying doing all of the activities that I couldn’t do due before my surgery.

ALIF surgery has had such a positive impact on my life and I would have no hesitation in recommending this procedure to people who are suffering in the same way I did as it has changed my life so much. Special thanks to Mr Kasis and his fantastic team.”